Sunday, October 20, 2013

Save $950 a Year By Being Your Own Manicurist!

So, a number of my friends pay about $80 every month to get their nails done.  Don't get me wrong, I love a fun day at the spa as much as the next girl, but when you get manicures every few weeks, it isn't as special as when you only get one once a year.  Here is how you can save about $950 every year by doing your nails yourself!
Painting on the Moolah
Assuming you get a manicure and pedicure twice a month, the average amount you'll spend is $960 every year ($15 manicure & $25 pedicure). This isn't including the cost for any special gel polish, acrylic nails, designs, tips, transportation costs, etc. If you're not very good at painting your own nails yet, all it takes is practice.  Within a few months, you'll be doing it perfectly, and your checkbook will be perfectly happy.

Look for sales on nail polish and use coupons to get great deals on a few of your favorite colors. I like light pink and silver the best because they don't show when they chip, which means I don't have to paint my nails as frequently as I would with other colors. On average, for me, I only paint my fingernails about once every other week and only paint my toes about once a month when I use these lighter colors. With darker, more noticeable colors, I have to repaint about once a week on my fingernails and in two weeks with my toenails.  Even if you repaint every week, you're still going to be saving a bundle!
I usually purchase one new nail polish every year, and I try to take good care of the polishes I already have. Make sure to put the lid on really tight so your polish doesn't dry out, shake all of your polishes about once a month, and choose relatively good polish.  Cheap kids polish and DollarTree polishes will not last well.  I've had a bottle of Smackers by Bonne Bell since high school that is still going strong (that's eleven years old!).  DollarTree has the least expensive nail polish remover that I've found, so between that dollar, a buck for cotton balls from DollarTree, and about $8 in polish each year, you're looking at about $10/year for having fabulous nails all year long! If you want a little fancier nails, you can either do your own nail art, like those shown below from Pinterest, or just get a few little nail stickers to easily liven things up from a plain polish.  Searching for sales & coupons, choosing lighter colors, and gradually adding to your polish supply will help you save a significant amount of money. Even if you cut back from going to the salon twice a month to just once, you'll still be saving an average of $480 a year!

How Do You Make Your Nails Shine?
How do you save on nail care?  What are your favorite do-it-yourself nail art projects?  Which brand have you found to be the best?  Leave a comment below with your thoughts and experiences to help other look fabulous while saving money!

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